THI carries out deal sourcing, structuring, due diligence, and asset management on behalf of its accredited investors. THI's value lies in its ability to source property investments both in the UK and other selected regions, as well as forming club funds with its group of core investors to invest in these assets. THI will typically co-invest in the transactions and manage the assets thereafter.

THI adopts a quantitative approach to investment, with all deals going through a strict and thorough due diligence process before being put forward to the investment committee. Our investments consist mainly of yield generating assets, developments, or asset management deals.


The company stands by a set of core principles, which guide us in the way we invest:

We believe that delivering superior risk adjusted returns is more important than trying to attain the highest absolute returns. This requires us to primarily protect downside risks in all our investments. While there are no guarantees in any form of investments, we try to mitigate the risks by: